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Pre-workout supplements for yoga

Pre-workout supplements are pretty popular nowadays, especially for those who are strength-focused. Some state that pre-workouts helps the body to perform better for exercise. A few companies even claim that their product will give you a performance boost, with a greater increase in muscle mass.

But when it comes to yoga, pre-workout supplements sometimes make people feel dizzy, nauseous and can have other side effects. So we don't recommend taking these supplements before a relaxing yoga session. 

Also, under the right circumstances, a pre-workout can make you gain weight. So the use of pre-workout supplements should be done with caution and in the right context. Yoga is best performed by not taking stimulants before a yoga session.

Customer Feedback

In the Jim Henson film masterpiece, The Dark Crystal, the Gelflings were coveted for their life essence. Within each of us is this essence, our spiritual life force, representing our best selves. In the modern world of 24 / 7 access to communication, its corresponding noise — both mental and physical — and omnipresent electromagnetic pollution, how do you quiet the clamoring world to remember who you truly are, and remain connected to your essence?

The answer for me is meditation. That can be as simple as a mindful breath in the midst of a meeting, a quiet morning or evening of reflection on my own at home, a meditative walk in the outdoors with family and friends, or one of the many centering meditation classes at Mystic Journey Yoga.

- A Happy Customer